Injection Stretch Blow Molds

Compact designs and manufactures blow molds for re-heat ISBM machines and complete injection, conditioning, blow and eject tooling for one-stage ISBM machines to mold containers ranging from 10ml to 20 liters.

Our services include:

  • preform and container design
  • rapid-prototype models
  • unit-cavity prototype
  • multi-cavity production tooling
  • mold modification and repair
  • assistantce w/ testing of anti cavity moulds

To help meet our customer’s needs for fast turnaround, we have a large inventory of mold components for the most common ISBM machines including Sidel, Nissei, Aoki and Automa.

We’re careful to select the best mold material for the requirements of your particular mold, whether it be aircraft grade aluminum, a copper alloy or a stainless steel alloy. Our goal is to help you reduce cycle time and improve your production.

Combined with our CNC machines and CAD/CAM technology, the enthusiasm and expertise of Compact’s people enable us to produce the best injection stretch blow molds to exacting tolerances.

Let Compact be your stretch blow mold builder. Concepts, engineering, construction, price, delivery and service you can count on.